11. Wall coverings by John Johnson

Wall coverings by John Johnson

Curated by Groundswell Art

John is the co-owner of Groundswell Art, an art consultancy based in Sacramento, CA. John’s graphic designs incorporate images from the original Mansion Inn, developed in 1958. The Mansion Inn closed its doors in 2012, and in 2016 Mansion Apartments’ current ownership became involved in the redevelopment of the site. With its proximity to the Governor’s Mansion, the Statesmen Lounge was frequented by celebrities and politicians.

How many celebrities in the pet spa images can you name? *Answers below*







*Answers: Who’s who – celebrities and their pets (left to right)

  1. Billie Holiday // Dog: Mister Downbeat (Or Mister, for short)
  2. Audrey Hepburn // With a dog from the film Sabrina
  3. Joan Crawford // Baby and Boopshem
  4. Sessue Hayakawa // With wife Tsuru Aoki and dog Dynomite
  5. Debbie Reynolds // Poodles Tammy and Bachelor
  6. Salvadore Dali // Babou – A Colombian Ocelet
  7. Mia Farrow // Dog unknown – but she is sporting a 9-carat diamond engagement ring from Frank Sinatra
  8. Elvis Presley // Dog: Sherlock
  9. Marlon Brando // Kurtze Beiner (His grandmother’s dog, while staying with her in Van Nuys during the filming of The Men)
  10. Dorothy Dandridge // The dog’s name is believed to be Sissi. This photo was taken 19 January 1962 in Paris