6.1 Wood Wall Sculptures by Julian Sandpaper

Wood Wall Sculptures by Julian Sandpaper

Curated by Groundswell Art

Julian Sandpaper is a Sacramento artist who combines the age-old medium of wood with contemporary, technology-based tools to create unique pieces that are both decorative and functional. Sandpaper created Mansion Apartments’ stunning entry door as a nod to the mid-century brutalist style and the pool courtyard’s sculpture. Inspired by local architectural details, Sandpaper integrated shapes from Sacramento’s Victorian exteriors, stonework, and even plumbing pipes in both the front door design and the wood wall sculptures found at each elevator niche. The experience of entering Mansion Apartments through the impressive wood front door is echoed when arriving at each floor, with the elevator opening onto Sandpapers’ wood wall sculptures. These pieces are composed around a center horizon line that can be interpreted as a cityscape, perhaps being reflected in water below. How very Sacramento!